LEGAL UPDATE - Re International Formwork & Scaffolding Pte Ltd [2013] SGHC 225

Updates From MALAYSIA - The PDPA Comes into Force in Malaysia
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LEGAL UPDATE - Tian Shaokai v Tiong Hwa Steel Structures Pte Ltd [2013] SGHCR 13

Updates From MALAYSIA - Financial Services Act 2013
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LEGAL UPDATES - Zhu Yong Zhen v AIA Singapore Private Limited and another [2013] SGHC 37

Updates From MALAYSIA - Industrial Designs (Amendment) Act 2013
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LEGAL UPDATE - Sweeping changes to the Computer Misuse Act

Revisiting Trade Mark Infringement and Dilution - Sarika Connoisseur Caf é Pte Ltd v. Ferrero SpA [2012] SGCA 56
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LEGAL UPDATES - Casino Control (Amendment) Bill

Introduction of the Computer Misuse (Amendment) Bill
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LEGAL UPDATES - New Lemon Law in Singapore

Updates From MALAYSIA - The Copyright Infringement Hunt Continues
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LEGAL UPDATES - Introducing a "Presumption of ADR" for Civil Matters in the Subordinate Courts

Updates From AUSTRALIA - Developments On Australian Corporate Governance; Lessons On Directorial Duties From James Hardie
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LEGAL UPDATES Amendments to the Evidence Legislation in 2012

Updates From MALAYSIA - Amendments to the Copyright Act 1987
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LEGAL UPDATES Court Has Jurisdiction to Order Division of Matrimonial Assets and Maintenance in a Void Marriage

Assessment of Damages: Loss of Future Earnings/Earning Capacity
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LEGAL UPDATES – Ruling against modeling agencies in Singapore for price–fixing

Updates On Intellectual Property - SINGAPORE: SPH sues Yahoo! SEA for copyright infringement
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LEGAL UPDATES Appeal by Sistic against ruling by the Competition Commission of Singapore

Updates On Intellectual Property Singapore highly regarded in the protection of intellectual property
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LEGAL UPDATES - New Rules on Conveyancing take effect on 1st August 2011

Updates On Intellectual Property - The New GTLD Program Launches Unlimited Domain Extentions
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