LEGAL UPDATE - Tian Shaokai v Tiong Hwa Steel Structures Pte Ltd [2013] SGHCR 13

AUG - 2013

This was a case that dealt with the assessment of damages. The facts of the case have been succinctly surmised by the Court:
"The defendant is a Singapore company engaged in, inter alia, the business of manufacture of steel structures, tables and chairs and related products, equipment rental and leasing services. The plaintiff, Tian Shaokai, is a Chinese national who was employed by the defendant as a driver. The plaintiff arrived in Singapore on 4 July 2010. Shortly after his arrival, the plaintiff was involved in an accident on 11 August 2010 and now claims for damages arising from the injuries suffered from this accident".

Updates From MALAYSIA - Financial Services Act 2013

With the aim of uplifting Malaysia‘s financial regulatory system to ensure that the laws continue to be relevant and effective to maintain financial stability and support financial growth, the Financial Services Act 2013 ("FSA") has came into force on the 30th of June 2013, consolidating Banking and Financial Institutions Act 1989 ("BAFIA"), the Insurance Act 1996, the Payment Systems Act 2003 and the Exchange Control Act 1953 which were repealed on the same date.

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