LEGAL UPDATE - Sweeping changes to the Computer Misuse Act

APR - 2013

The Computer Misuse Act has been renamed the Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act. The name change is only the first sign of the myriad of changes within the body of the Act, with new provisions giving the Government "sweeping powers over cyberspace". The wording of the law now allows a very broad interpretation of the circumstances in which the Government may exercise such "sweeping powers" to order "measures and requirements… as may be necessary… without limitation" to fight "any threat to the national security, essential services or defence of Singapore or foreign relations of Singapore".
Concerns about the law‘s broad sweep were raised in Parliament during debate on this issue. MP Christopher De Souza (Holland–Bukit Timah GRC) proposed that there be transparent "triggers" for the minister to exercise such powers. However Second Minister for Home Affairs S. Iswaran said that this would not be possible "given the rapidly evolving nature and complexity of the threat".

Revisiting Trade Mark Infringement and Dilution - Sarika Connoisseur Caf é Pte Ltd v. Ferrero SpA [2012] SGCA 56

The Appellant is a company incorporated in Singapore and owns and operates the "tcc – the connoisseur concerto " chain of cafe outlets, which offer customers a variety of gourmet coffee beverages and coffee concoctions.

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