LEGAL UPDATES - Casino Control (Amendment) Bill

DEC - 2012

The Singapore Parliament passed the Casino Control (Amendment) Bill (the "Bill") on 15 November 2012. The Bill seeks to supplement the current Casino Control Act (Cap 33A) ("CCA") which regulates the operation of casinos in Singapore. Enacted in 2006, the CAA is the primary piece of legislation which regulates the business of casinos in Singapore.
There are five main objectives of the Bill, all related to strengthening our legislative framework and improving the current social safeguards on the adverse effects of gambling on. The first objective is to improve the various provisions for effective gaming regulation and to streamline regulatory processes; the second is to reinforce the seriousness of criminal offences related to the casinos; the third is to strengthen our existing social safeguards; the fourth is to enhance the regulatory regime to ensure that Singapore‘s economic objectives of introducing the casinos are duly met; and the fifth objective is to improve tax administration.

Introduction of the Computer Misuse (Amendment) Bill

Aside from the titular change, various proposed amendments, through the repeal and re-enactment of a new Section 15A, are aimed at not only enhancing the security of our national critical information infrastructure, but also to enhance precautionary measures that can be taken by the Government against cyber attacks which threaten our essential services, defence or foreign relations.

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