LEGAL UPDATES – Ruling against modeling agencies in Singapore for price–fixing

DEC - 2011

On 23rd November 2011, the Competition Commission of Singapore ("CCS") ruled against 11 modeling agencies in Singapore for engaging in anti-competitive conduct. CCS levied financial penalties totaling $361,596 on 10 of the 11 modeling agencies for fixing rates for modeling services in Singapore, thus breaching section 34 of the Competition Act.
The CCS received a complaint on 13th February 2009 that the Association of Modeling Industry Professionals ("AMIP"), of which the 11 modeling agencies were members, was fixing fees charged for modeling services. CCS ‘s investigations showed that the agencies had a common objective to raise modeling rates, and were engaged in a single overall agreement to fix prices for modeling assignments. This had the object of restricting, preventing or distorting competition in the Singapore market, in breach of the Section 34 prohibition.

Updates On Intellectual Property - SINGAPORE: SPH sues Yahoo! SEA for copyright infringement

On 13th December, 2011 Yahoo! filed its defence and counterclaim against SPH denying all allegations of wrongful copyright infringement relying on the basic principle of the right of public to be informed of news and current events in Singapore. Also, in its counterclaim, Yahoo! alleged that SPH itself on two previous occasions substantially reproduced Yahoo!‘s content on its citizen-journalism site STOMP.

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